What You Need To Know About Emergency Dentists

by | Mar 19, 2013 | health-and-fitness

In recent times, the emergency dentistry field has evolved rapidly. This can be attributed to the increase in the number of patients needing emergency care which is a result of people failing to visit the dentist for regular check-ups. There are several emergency dentists in Arlington Heights since the number of dentists specializing in emergency dentistry is increasing.   An emergency dentist comes in handy when you start experiencing dental problems at inconvenient times. There are many unexpected ways in which you might injure your teeth accidentally; from sliding on the floor to falling off a tree or biting something hard. These might lead to bleeding, severe toothaches, broken teeth or cracked fillings. Several emergency dental services are available in various types of dental clinics. Some offer 24 hour services while others offer services for extended hours. They are available everyday including holidays. Therefore, people have a place to go to when they experience problems at inconvenient times and days since the emergency clinics are open round the clock.   The emergency dentists in Arlington Heights perform all kinds of dental procedures ranging from replacing cracked fillings, relieving toothache, swelling and sensitivity to repairing broken teeth. They help restore your comfort and peace of mind and let you carry out your daily activities without disruptions and discomfort. However, there are some basic remedies that you can use before reaching the dentist’s office or hospital in case you have a dental emergency. They include: 1. Falling out of a temporary crown – do not rub the tooth in case the crown falls off. You may try to replace it by using toothpaste or dental wax. After placing the crown back, you should head to the dentist to have it reattached well. 2. Avulsed teeth – avoid the root and handle only handle the crown. You should not try to brush off the debris but instead pour milk to wash it off. Replace it loosely or carry it submersed in milk or saline solution if it cannot be reattached. Be sure to go to the doctor within an hour to replace the tooth. 3. Cut tongue or lip – dip a cold compress in saline solution and head to the emergency dentist as soon as you can to alleviate the bleeding. 4. Cracked tooth – rinse the tooth with warm water and check for lip lacerations and hold a cold compress over it. 5. Broken jaw – Apply a cold compress over the area and avoid movement in order to keep the tooth in place in case they are affected. 6. Severe toothache – rinse your mouth with saline solution or warm water and floss around the tooth to remove any debris that may be aggravating the pain. Do not use any antibiotic on your tooth or gum since it can even damage your gum tissue. 7. Debris in the teeth cavities – floss gently and avoid cutting your gums with the floss. You should not use a sharp object to remove the debris since it may force the debris further down your gum and injure it. After performing these remedies, you should hurry to see emergency dentists in Arlington Heights. If you are looking for emergency dental experts, you may want to visit Drbagai.com for more information.

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