When you are serious about getting into shape, you need to do more than just walk around the block and watch what you eat. You also need to do high-impact exercises that can get your blood pumping and help your body trim fat. These advantages come from doing high interval intensity training to get back into shape today.

Strengthening Your Heart

One of the main reasons to do this type of exercise involves strengthening your heart. When you put on weight, your heart gets weaker. It develops layers of fat around it and also accumulates plaque in the arteries.

To make your heart healthier, you need to do high impact exercises. These exercises make your heart pump faster and better and builds it up as a muscle.

Trimming Fat

When you do this type of exercise, you also compel your body to burn fat faster. Your body needs extra calories to generate the heat and energy that it needs to keep up with the pace.

Instead of you eating more to give your body energy and heat, you can do these exercises and have your body burn up your stored fat as a fuel source. You in turn build muscle and lose fat faster.

These advantages come with doing high interval intensity training. You can find out more about it online. To get details about this type of exercise or to sign up for a session, you can go to Cristini Athletics today.