Uneasy About Going to a Charleston Gym, But You Need Exercise?

by | Mar 20, 2020 | health-and-fitness

The medical industry has always known that physical fitness is good for our bodies and prolongs our lives. The terrible weight, no pun intended, of pre-packaged, fast foods, and processed foods has burdened us unbearably. Exercise and eating right fight the battle for us. That’s where a Charleston personal trainer enters the picture.

It’s About The Word “Personal”

Self-image stops a lot of people from hitting the gym. The younger folks with lovely figures make many potential gym-goers shy of showing their bodies. The Silver Sneakers set are even shier of going to the gym due to their age. Logical statements about health and the need for exercise wither before the emotional impact of self-image.

The “personal” portion of personal training is about recognizing more than simply a client’s need for exercise. It focuses on the person, on his/her lifestyle, goals, dreams, and of what the person is actually capable. It’s about respect and reaching out to help.

How Does It Work?

You’ll be attending a gym, but it’s a one-on-one experience instead of a crowd. You’ll be working with barbells to your starting point of strength. As you gain strength, the other aspects of fitness fall into line.

You’ll find no trendy exercises, no machines looming over you, just straightforward exercises right at your starting strength. You’ll find a Charleston personal trainer educated in starting strength and eager to learn about your and your fitness goals and help you reach them. When you’re ready to learn more about us, just visit Cox Barbell Club facebook page.

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