What to Expect in an Initial Consultation with a Dentist in Jackson

by | Mar 19, 2013 | health-and-fitness

The initial consultation that you could get into with a dentist in Jackson is the first visit that you could be making with your dentist. This consultation is a time when you could be talking with your dentist to see what you are getting into. This initial visit is often required in the event that you need to get some more intensive dental services handled like:

* Implants

* Dentures

* Root canals

* Wisdom tooth removal

* Other surgical procedures

Your consultation can start with an x-ray exam. An x-ray can be taken of your teeth to investigate all of the critical parts of your smile. It is used to determine what the structure of your jaw line is like and how your teeth are developing. It particularly works well to see where the roots of your teeth are located. Your dentist could use x-rays to see:

* If your teeth are developing right

* If there are any preexisting jaw conditions

* Whether or not there are any fractures around the teeth

This information is used to see if there are certain procedures that you might need to have handled. Sometimes you might need to get some repairs handled if there is a fracture or other issue around the teeth. There are even cases where your dentist might find that a surgical procedure is required to keep your teeth under control without damages.

Your dentist in Jackson can also be asking you about your current dental health. This includes asking you about several functions relating to what you are getting your teeth into. Some of the questions that you might be asked by your dentist include questions that relate to things that you might have done in the past. This information is used to get a broader perspective of what you are trying to get:

* The medications that you are taking

* Whether or not you have had any prior dental procedures

* Any x-rays that might have been taken prior to any x-rays that you could be getting

* Whether or not you feel pains in your teeth

* The sensitivity of your teeth, particularly with regards to hot and cold conditions

The initial visit can finally end with your dentist talking to you about the options that the dentist is recommending to you. The options that the dentist could suggest are going to vary according to what the reports on your x-rays or other reviews have suggested. Sometimes your dentist might feel that you are a good candidate for a certain surgical treatment depending on the results of your visit.

Your initial consultation with a dentist in Jackson needs to be prepared so you can have a better idea of what you could be getting out of your dentist. Your dentist should be responsible for helping you out with the many things that might come with your smile. Your dentist needs to learn more about you and can do so by reviewing your dental history and information in an initial visit to see what you could be getting.

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