Visiting a junkyard can be quite dangerous if you are not fully prepared. There is a wide range of items that could cause you injury ranging from sharp edges, twisted metal, broken glass, and items that are balancing precariously. This is why it is pertinent to take some safety precautions before embarking on your search for salvageable items. This does not mean that you have to invest in a hazmat suit. It simply means that you should wear some gear that will protect you from potentially harmful items. Here are some handy safety tips that you could observe at a junkyard phoenix.

1. Steel toed boots: One of the things that you could wear is steel toed boots. The thick soles of these shoes will protect your feet from any items that are on the ground and have the potential of causing puncture wounds such as nails, glass, and the like. In addition to this, the steel toes of the boots will also protect your feet from any heavy items that may fall over and land on your feet. The soles of these sturdy shoes are also a great way to protect yourself in the event that you accidentally step on a live wire.

2. Head gear: One of the common activities that you will come across at a junkyard includes welding as the moving of large automotive parts from one end of the junkyard phoenix to another. To avoid any potential injuries, one should wear a hard hat as well as some safety goggles. The hard hat will protect you from any auto parts that may accidentally fall when they are being moved whereas the protective goggles will provide you with safety when watching someone welding or if you will be taking part in the welding yourself.

3. Work gloves: If you will be carrying items in the junkyard, it is a good idea to have on some heavy work gloves. These will protect your hands from potential injuries that may be caused by punctures or cuts from glass or metal. You may glance at an object and think that it would be fine to carry with your bare hands but you have to keep in mind that tiny shards of glass may be on it and you may not see them. By having the work gloves, you ensure that any potential risks of injuring yourself are avoided.

Wearing protective gear is not the only way that you can stay safe at a junkyard phoenix. There are several other things that you could do to ensure that you are not in any potential danger. This will include reading any signs that are put up and adhering to them.