When you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you are not liable for the expenses that result from it. The person or people who caused the incident are the ones who bear the legal responsibility of taking care of your bills.

However, convincing them to take on these expenses can be challenging if you were to approach them on your own. You can instead hold them legally liable by hiring a personal injury lawyer in Bethlehem, PA to represent you in the matter today.

Filing an Insurance Claim

The primary way that your lawyer can hold the responsible party liable involves filing a claim against their insurer. After suffering your injury, the people at fault for the accident should offer you their insurance information right away. However, if they fail to, they can be legally compelled to provide it to your lawyer.

Once your lawyer has that information, he or she can file the claim on your behalf. Your attorney can also make sure that the insurer pays your claim, and that you are compensated for punitive damages like physical or emotional pain and suffering.

When you’ve been injured, you don’t have to settle for less. Hold the negligent party accountable. You can find out more about hiring a personal injury lawyer in Bethlehem, PA to represent you online. Bruno Law can help. Go to Brunolawfirm.com to schedule a consultation or to learn more about your options.