Understanding the Intricacy of Dental Implants in Short Hills, NJ

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Dental

People can be easily embarrassed by spilling something on themselves or wearing the wrong outfit, but one thing most individuals worry about in every social situation is their smile. When teeth are stained, crooked, or are missing, it can make smiling uncomfortable. Cosmetic dentistry can help with minor imperfections, but when the problem is more serious and patients require tooth extraction or the application of Implants in Short Hills, NJ, an experienced oral surgeon should be consulted.

Meeting Criteria is Crucial

Oral surgery is something people undergo when there is no simple way to cosmetically fix their smile. Missing teeth can often be concealed by partial dentures, but over time, it may become necessary to remove additional teeth for health reasons. Implants provide a permanent way to replace these teeth, but can only be used if the conditions in a patient’s mouth are suitable. The deciding factor at clinics like Westfield Oral Surgery comes down to the amount of healthy bone that exists in the implant location.

A Complex and Rewarding Process

The implant process involves inserting a piece of titanium into the jawbone where the post gradually melds with the bone and gum tissue to become a permanent anchor for a prosthetic tooth. This process takes several months to heal. If a patient’s bone is weakened or they lack sufficient gum tissue, they most likely cannot be a candidate for the procedure. Once everything is healed, a crown is attached to the implant where it will blend into the surrounding teeth and improve the patient’s smile.

Find Support Through Prior Experiences

The prospect of oral surgery can be frightening for many people. One way to set the mind at ease is through reading online treatment reviews and looking at positive patient responses on a clinic’s Facebook page. By doing so, patients can get a better understanding of what they will undergo and how others have fared during and after the procedure.

More Than Implants

In addition to expertise with dental Implants in Short Hills, NJ, clinics like Westfield Oral Surgery also treat sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. Although many people associate these issues with ear, nose, and throat specialists, the team is fully trained in providing excellent care for these ailments. Through in-depth consultations, the doctors will assess each patient and proceed with the best treatment for each patient’s situation.

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