There’s no doubt in your mind that the old gutters have to go. What remains is to decide what type of gutter replacement would work best for your home. That means making some decisions about what design elements would work best. Here are three examples of decisions that must be made before the replacement can get underway.

Vinyl or Metal?

Vinyl and metal are the two materials of choice for gutter systems today. Both options provide certain benefits that you need to consider. The best way to do that is to sit down with a professional and go over the merits of each choice. That will make it easier to settle on the material that works best in your case.

Which Gutter Size Works Best?

Did you know that gutters come in more than one size? This is a surprise to many people. The fact is that your current system may not be the right size for the home. An expert can help you assess the strengths of different sizes and settle on the gutter replacement that will provide the best performance.

Do You Want Leaf Guards?

Open gutters do have their advantages, but adding leaf guards is often a good choice. Remember that the guards keep more than leaves out of the system. They also make it harder for small animals to get into the gutters. You will also not have to deal with twigs and other matter ending up in the line. This addition to the gutter replacement will make it all the easier to keep the line clean all year round.

If you’re not sure how to select the right type of gutter system, our team is ready to help. Contact Carroll Sons, Inc and ask us your questions, and we’ll supply the answers. In no time at all, we’ll help you select gutters that are perfect for your home and will offer excellent service for many years to come.