Sewer Cleaning In Pasadena, CA Will Keep Things Flowing

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Clogs in a drain and sewer can cause foul smells to enter a structure and cause a mess it backs up. Sewer drains on the street are even worse because trash, sewage, rainwater, and other things travel through the drain. Large amounts of trash and leaves are the usual cause of sewer backups in a public line.

The only way to clean a large clog is with sewer cleaning in Pasadena, CA. These drains can get impacted and require additional cleaning a drain in a home won’t need.

What’s The Difference Between A Drain And A Sewer?

Drains are part of a waste-water system and include the toilet water, sink, and shower that travel to the sewer drain. These types of lines get clogged with whatever a user puts into the drain. When one drain is clogged, it can usually be unclogged with drain cleaner from the store. If most of the drains are slow or not operating properly, then the problem is usually the sewer.

The sewer line is also part of the water system and removes the waste from the home to the septic system or municipal waste system. Roots from the trees can crush the sewer line and grow into the line. These roots will block any waste from exiting a home. Drains in a home can be easily cleaned, but sewer lines require a company that has experience with sewer cleaning in Pasadena, CA.

Removing Tree Roots

To identify the cause of the clog, a technician might use a camera to identify the cause of the clog. This camera can travel to the exact location and provide the technician with the distance to the clog. If the problem is tree roots, the technician will have to use a special tool that cuts the roots and permits the water to flow freely.

If the drains are running slow or have completely stopped, don’t wait until a larger mess develops. Sewer gas can back up into a home and cause a foul smell and make occupants feel ill. Emergency service is available for serious problems. For more information, please feel free to Visit the website

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