Reasons to Talk to Your Dentist About Clear Aligners

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Dental

Getting traditional metal braces is the most common way to straighten your teeth. While they do a good job, it can take many months or even years before you see the results. Because of this, consider talking to your dentist about getting clear aligners in Vernon Hills. Here are some benefits of clear aligners to consider if you want to improve your smile.

Discreet Appliances

For some people, the appearance of metal hardware on their teeth poses no problems. Other people, especially older adults, may feel self-conscious about wearing braces as they age. Clear aligners are very discreet because they are made of clear plastic that is almost invisible. Even though clear aligners are barely noticeable, they are highly effective in correcting bite problems and straightening teeth.

Little Down Time

Maintaining traditional braces means that you have to schedule frequent appointments with your orthodontist for adjustments, tightenings, and to get new rubber bands for your wires. After adjustment appointments, some people feel pressure or discomfort in their mouths, and because of this, they need to take pain medications and rest for a day or two. Conversely, clear aligners are very comfortable and you will barely even notice that you’re wearing them. There are no adjustment appointments needed with clear aligner appliances. You can do everything pertaining to your aligner treatment from the comfort of your home.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of getting clear aligners in Vernon Hills, call At Smile More Today or browse the website.

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