The Symptoms of a Breast Abscess in NJ

by | Mar 19, 2013 | health-and-fitness

Breast health is an important element in any woman’s life. Women are encouraged to perform regular self-checks for signs of potential problems, as well as to get mammograms as a way to identify a problem. One of the problems women can experience that isn’t threatening but should still be handled is a breast abscess in NJ. Knowing what symptoms to look for can help you determine if you should see your doctor about a potential abscess. Signs of Infection In more general terms, a breast abscess is an infection within the breast. Therefore, you should be able to somewhat easily identify this problem if you look for any signs of infection. This can include redness, swelling and heat in the area of the problem. The abscess area will also be painful to the touch, though the degree of pain a woman experiences will vary depending on her tolerance levels and the severity of the infection. Maturity If a breast abscess in NJ isn’t handled by a physician in its early stages, it can reach maturity. At this point, puss typically builds up beneath the skin and creates a raised point on the skin. This point may be topped with a head. When the abscess matures to a certain point, it will break open and the puss will drain. When an abscess gets to this stage, it is critical to see your doctor to ensure all the puss drains to reduce the risk of damage to other tissues or even the spread of the infection into the blood stream. Severe Symptoms The signs of infection are only the early stages of learning about an abscess you have on your breast. When left untreated, this abscess can begin to show other symptoms throughout your body. Some of these symptoms can include vomiting, cramping, headache, fever and increased pain and irritation. If these signs accompany the signs of an infection, it is important to see a doctor immediately for treatment. Treatment for a breast abscess in NJ is often simple as long as you identify its presence in its early stages. Looking for any sign of infection is the first step in battling this problem. However, if you ignore the abscess and allow it to mature, you need to know which symptoms to look for so you can get the medical help you need to avoid experiencing even greater health problems from the abscess.   To learn more about the symptoms of a breast abscess in NJ or to get treatment for one, visit

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