Teeth Whitening Solution For Discolored Teeth

by | Mar 19, 2013 | health-and-fitness

Many people ignore the importance of dental hygiene. Lack of dental hygiene usually results into several dental heath related problems. Moreover, it affects the appearance of the teeth and suppresses good aspects of your smile as well. This can certainly prove to be quite frustrating and embarrassing as well.

Do not worry as you can now obtain sparkling white teeth thanks to the newly introduced teeth whitening methods. The reason for discoloration might vary from individual to individual. Discoloration is caused due to the consumption of particular antibiotics, excessive fluoride, tea, alcohol and soda. It may also be caused due to nicotine and other foods that are excessively pigmented. Such foods can damage the enamel of the teeth and the gums as well. Deeply routed stains take a lot more time to heal compared to other stains.

A cosmetic dentist might use various teeth whitening solutions to treat the discoloration. The solutions employed penetrate through the initial layers along with enamel and dentin. You can opt for the use of a white shade to treat this problem of stained teeth. This particular teeth guard should be left for some weeks. The presence of the bleaching solution in the teeth or mouth guard will yield the desired results within a few weeks.

Cosmetic dentistry is thus the most viable solution for treating discolored teeth. However, ensure that the dentist is reputed and experienced in this particular field.

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