Orthodontics: Your Way To A Perfect Smile!

by | Mar 19, 2013 | health-and-fitness

For many years, people have so longed to have the perfect smile. But this cannot happen without properly aligned teeth. Dental professionals providing Orthodontics in Plattsburgh, NY can help improve your smile through the different procedures they offer.

Orthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry that aims to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth by aligning them and making them more uniform. These dental professionals, also known as orthodontists, offer a wide array of products and services that help achieve the desired perfect smile. When you visit an Orthodontics clinic in Plattsburgh, NY, the dentist will have to check for malocclusions, especially in children. Depending on the severity of the problem, the dentist diagnoses and treats the condition until the proper alignment is achieved. Although orthodontists are trained to handle dental issues for all ages, children and younger people are their most common clients. This is due to the fact that it is during these developmental times when the teeth are easier to manage and correct.

Orthodontists are most popularly known for fitting people with braces. Usually, these braces are made of wires and brackets which are tautened up to force teeth towards their desired position. The wires may be placed on the upper or lower set of teeth or both. They are affixed in the brackets attached to each tooth that need to be realigned. In the past, these wires have to be adjusted every now and then to encourage movement of the teeth. Your Orthodontics clinic in Plattsburgh, NY follows up your case until the goal is achieved. In more severe cases, an external neck brace may be used in conjunction with the teeth braces. The appliance may look strange but they are very helpful in correcting malocclusions and jaw problems.

When done at the right age, orthodontic treatments are completed at a much shorter time. However, adults need not lose hope as there are a lot of treatment courses specifically designed for every age group. For instance, older people can use Invisalign instead of braces because of its convenience and comfort. Do not be disappointed if you do not notice any improvement during the initial stage. Usually, adults require a longer treatment time before crooked teeth are corrected.

Orthodontics professionals in Plattsburgh, NY also offer other treatment processes and methods to repair crooked teeth or malocclusions. For minor teeth alignment issues, a simple mouthpiece may be necessary. These inserts should be worn night and day to encourage movement of teeth. Since it can be removed at will, it requires dedication and compliance on the part of the client. On the brighter side, this treatment approach is comparably cheaper than traditional braces. Retainers are also used to hold the teeth in place after application of braces. They are maintained on place until the bone adjusts to the proper positioning of the teeth.

Of course, Orthodontics in Plattsburgh, NY is not limited to correcting teeth alignment issues. They are actually trained to help people achieve better appearance of the oral cavity. This includes reformation of the dentofacial region or improvement of your smile.

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