Congratulations on your first steps toward drug treatment. Looking into your options is a sign you recognize you have a problem and you’re fed up enough to get help. A holistic drug rehab center offers people more support than what is found in other programs, but answering the following questions will determine if one is right for you.

Do You Understand Holistic Drug Rehab Center Programs?

Holistic centers are often misunderstood as hippie retreats where everything is all organic and no one uses soap. In the vast majority of cases, holistic centers embrace Western medical techniques – including prescription drugs that help people through the withdrawal process – in addition to proven alternative methods popular in other cultures. However, in the end, treatment is up to you. If you try out a new technique you haven’t experienced before, no one will force you to continue if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable.

Are You Open-Minded?

A holistic drug treatment center will encourage you to take part in activities with which you may have no previous experience. Yoga, meditation and cleansing programs can be extremely beneficial for people breaking away from destructive habits. They can reinforce your energy level and increase your strength, making it easier for your body to handle withdrawal.

While you will never be forced to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, you may feel pressure from counselors and other residents to get out of your comfort zone. If you love trying new things, a holistic drug rehab center would be perfect for you. If not, you may have a hard time adjusting.

Do You Know about Financing Options?

Often, people shy away from helpful holistic centers because they assume costs won’t be covered in the same way as a local hospital or medical facility. They’re worried the whole-body approach won’t be covered under insurance policies or won’t qualify as medical care. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Holistic drug rehab center financing is similar to other facilities. Personal health insurance picks up many costs, as do some employee benefit programs. Public funds may help subsidize your care and centers often have their own payment programs or work with third-party lenders. There are also discounts throughout the year and special financing available in certain cases.