3 Reasons to Visit the Dentist

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A dentist plays a vital role in your life. Oral health is often neglected and diseases of the oral cavity are taken less seriously than systemic diseases in other parts of the body. Poor oral hygiene and diseases of the mouth can result in trouble eating, chewing, speaking and interacting with people. Severe infections and dental disease can even result in restricting airways and giving rise to breathing difficulty.

The major reason for seeing a dentist is tooth decay – a condition that can be prevented with adequate oral hygiene and adherence to a nutritious diet. Periodontal disease is the next most common reason for visiting the dentist. Periodontal disease is a disease of the periodontal tissues and is sometimes referred to as pyorrhea. Periodontal tissue consists of:

* Alveolar bone – the bone that bears the tooth sockets

* Periodontal ligament – the connective tissue that attaches the tooth to the alveolar socket

* Cementum – calcified material that covers the root of the tooth

* Gingiva – mucosal gum tissue that encloses the maxilla and mandible jaw bones

Dental visits can diagnose dental diseases and periodontal diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis before conditions become serious and infections spread. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent tooth loss and extensive treatment that is both expensive and also requires more invasive treatment.

Preserving your teeth is essential for many reasons. Teeth are important for chewing food and assisting the initial digestive process in the mouth. Proper chewing (mastication) starts off the digestive process. Teeth and other oral organs are important for speech. Missing teeth makes an individual self conscious and is a setback to the psychological health of an individual. Teeth can be lost from diseases and also from trauma and injuries. Dental professionals recommend that sportspersons and athletes use proper head gear and mouth guards to safeguard against trauma to the mouth, teeth and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

A third important reason why people seek dental aid is to treat halitosis or bad breath. Bad breath is the foul odor that is emitted from the mouth but can originate from many sources. The mouth is inhabited by hundreds of types of bacteria that dwell in the plaque. Some bacteria release acid from the dietary carbohydrates and sugars that attack the teeth and cause tooth decay. Bacteria also break down proteins into amino acids resulting in the formation of gases with a foul odor. Gum disease and a coated tongue can also cause foul breath. If you have persistent bad breath there could be other infections or systemic diseases causing the condition. For more information contact a qualified dentist. Allentown residents can consult their dentist for the latest treatments of dental diseases.


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