How To Get Radiant Looking Skin With Chemical Peels

by | Mar 19, 2013 | health-and-fitness

Every year, many people spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on skin care products to get smooth, radiant and younger looking skin. Just look in your bathroom cabinets and count how many jars of creams and skin care products you have. All of those products really add up in cost. But there is a simpler way to get beautiful, glowing skin and it doesn’t come in a jar. Chemical peels in Cornelius NC is an easy solution for a better complexion.

A chemical peel is a type of facial. It is also sometimes called “derma peeling.” It uses a mixture of alpha hydroxy acids that peel off the dead layer of skin on your face and leaves behind a more radiant complexion. One chemical peel can visibly reduce wrinkles, age spots, freckles, acne, scars,and make the skin appear tighter and healthier.

There are various strengths of chemical peels in Cornelius NC and your dermatologist can help evaluate your skin and decide which one is right for you. If you have mild acne or uneven skin tone, you may want to consider getting a light chemical peel. With a light peel, your dermatologist or esthetician doing the procedure will use milder chemicals such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid. This type of chemical peel is so gentle that it can be used every week for up to six weeks. A deeper, stronger chemical peel will produce dramatic results but there is also a greater recovery time. A dermatologist may recommend this type of chemical peel for people with deep wrinkles, scars or severe sun damage. There is also a pre-treatment process associated with a deep chemical peel. Retin-A is typically prescribed to help get your skin ready for the peel. A deep chemical peel may leave your face red and swollen for several days. But your skin will begin to improve over a period of a couple of weeks and will leave you with a beautiful, youthful looking complexion that can last several years.

If you are considering having a chemical peel, consult with your dermatologist first. They will evaluate your skin and it’s level of sensitivity and will be able to determine which type of chemical peel will be right for you.

Chemical peels in Cornelius NC are a great alternative to plastic surgery or other types of facial and skin rejuvenation. Your skin can look great for years to come and you will finally be able to get rid of all the expensive facial products in your cabinet.

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