How proper pain management can improve your overall health

by | Mar 19, 2013 | health-and-fitness

The scientific definition of pain is an “unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with potential or actual bodily damage.” Pain can be divided into two different categories, acute and chronic. Chronic pain can vary on levels from severe to mild and last for long periods of time with little or no relief. Acute pain is temporary in that it only lasts a few hours or days. Either type of pain can be distressful or while both require medical attention, most of the time, chronic pain requires specific treatment from a Pain Management Chicago care center.

Chronic pain can cause distress and affect the sufferer on many different levels of their life. If left untreated or neglected, it can even affect your general overall health and lifestyle. This is why it is exceptionally important that chronic pain sufferers seek the care and assistance of an expert Pain Management Chicago care provider. By not only determining what is causing the pain, and why it cannot be easily alleviated, the pain sufferer can not only manage their pain, but regain control over their medical condition and life in general. In order to do this and maintain a good life quality, the journey begins when you seek help and advice from a Pain Management Chicago specialist center.

There are many different types of pain management treatments that can be implemented for relief of chronic pain. Most Pain Management Chicago care providers will begin by completing a thorough physical and psychological exam in order to learn what causes the pain and how the patient deals with it on a daily basis. By doing this, not only does the Pain Management Chicago care team know the entire story but the patient can also have a chance to take a look at the overall picture of their situation. Once it has been determined what the cause of the pain is, then a comprehensive treatment plan can be devised to help the patient regain control of their life and manage their pain as quickly as possible.

Pain management treatments are not always limited to prescribing more medication. Pain Management Chicago care experts often find that certain types of medication don’t truly help and only mask other underlying symptoms. Once they have determined the best way for an individual to manage their pain, they may change or eliminate pain prescriptive pain medications all together. This also helps reduce or eliminate the patient’s dependency on the medication, which can lead to a whole other set of problems. Pain Management Chicago care experts often find that using combination of physical therapy, psychotherapy and overall life style changes are highly effective in not only reducing pain levels, but over time eliminating the chronic pain altogether. This is especially true if the reason for the pain is the result of an injury or other medical condition that does not require ongoing long term medical treatment. Any Pain Management Chicago care provider who is properly trained and experienced will take a look at the entire medical situation before they begin any type of pain management therapy.



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