Finding Legitimate Discount Theme Park Tickets

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping

Buying tickets to Disney or Universal can take a chunk out of your vacation budget, which is why discount theme park tickets are so popular. Just make sure you’re working with a reputable dealer who won’t run off with your money. The following tips should point you in the right direction:

Discount Theme Park Tickets vs. Leftover Days

A common online scam is the sale of leftover days on a multiday ticket. For instance, someone has already used eight days on a 10-day park pass. Generally, tickets can’t be transferred or sold to someone else. Parks use high-tech tools like thumbprint coding to ensure leftover days on tickets aren’t used by other people, making these purchases worthless. An additional risk is running into an expiration date. Many theme park tickets are good for a limited amount of time after being activated.

Be Wary of Auctions and Free Classifieds

Reputable businesses selling discount theme park tickets are professional enough to have their own websites. They don’t depend on home-printed fliers or free classified ads. That isn’t to say every business advertising this way is shifty, but having a storefront on the web is a sign of legitimacy. When you can find positive reviews on independent review sites and through the Better Business Bureau you can feel confident.

Avoid Obnoxious Free Giveaways

The timeshare resorts surrounding popular theme park destinations are one source of legitimate free tickets. They offer free one-day passes to the most popular attractions in the area in exchange for a slice of your time. Unfortunately, that slice winds up being five or more hours of boring presentations and high-pressure sales pitches. Your time is wasted inside a building instead of riding rides. Most children lose their cool long before the sales portion is over.

Find a Real Deal

A handful of websites have the authority to sell authentic discounted theme park tickets. Their prices traditionally aren’t constant so don’t let that worry you. A variety of deals can be found throughout the year based on changing weather and travel patterns. The coldest times of the year typically have lower costs while the warmest – or most popular dates – run prices up. Also, buying in advance and buying in bulk can significantly lower your costs.

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