Getting it Right with a Satin 108 Round Tablecloth Royal Blue

by | Aug 18, 2023 | Shopping

As the name suggests, royal blue is a color that represents supremacy. It brings out a sense of class and elegance. It is no wonder that it is a preferred theme color. Weddings, casual and corporate events have often used the satin 108 round tablecloth in royal blue to create perfect-looking tables. What colors can you pair this with? Why is it a great choice? Here is all you need to know about styling with a royal blue satin tablecloth.

The deep blue provides a great backdrop on which any color will blend. You may opt for a cream or grey-colored table runner. Your plates and cutlery could be in white and gold respectively. Ivory napkins would also look great on royal blue-dressed tables. Your color choice is not limited when pairing with this color! You could even opt for some floral patterns.

The satin 108 round tablecloth in royal blue has a glossy appearance and a smooth feel. Pairing it with cotton and linen table runners is a great choice. These will blend together perfectly. As for the placemats, you may use plastic, wooden or glass. Either way, you will achieve a sleek look.

Your tablecloths are not the only things that should be in royal blue. Have other parts of the décor in this color as well so it does not look isolated. Chair sashes, napkins and wraps are some great choices. You could even opt for royal blue glasses!

The satin 108 round tablecloth royal blue is perfect for any event. It blends well with a wide variety of colors. If you want to create a sleek and classy feel at your event, you cannot go wrong with this tablecloth. Where can you buy it? From CV Linens.

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