Say It With Chocolate Gold Coins

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping

Men and women alike love chocolate, even if just in small doses. Use that to your benefit by using chocolate gold coins to show that you care. Whether you need to say “Thank You” or “Happy Holidays,” there are printed foil chocolate gold coins just for you.

Dozens of Occasions

Created in bulk, chocolate gold coins come printed in dozens of varieties. Sporting traditional dollar signs, smiley faces, religious symbols or even the logo for specific sport clubs, they’re a fun and simple way of celebrating or passing on the word. Politicians use them when drumming up support, and couples use them to celebrate weddings and other new beginnings. For those with special needs, businesses even offer custom printing.

Custom-Created Chocolate Gold Coins

Some businesses only offer chocolate bars wrapped in printed wrappers. We’ve all seen them used in fundraising options, and they perform fairly well. They’re well known, however, and don’t provide the same “Wow!” factor as custom imprinted chocolate gold coins.

Because they’re so small, they’re message must be short, simple and sweet. “Vote Hank!” or “Happy 2013” works better than trying to cram many words into a small printing space. As small as they are, they make a big statement by being fun, memorable and surprising.

Depending on the company you work with, you may be able to create coins with graphics or text. Keep graphics simple as intricate designs sometimes lose their definition during the printing process. They generally don’t cost more to create, and pictures can often be more effective than words on their own.

Easy, Affordable and Fun

Ordering a large number of chocolate gold coins may be more affordable than you think. Custom printed coins come at a modest price, but the impact they make is well worth it. Regular coins which are printed in bulk add to any occasion at a very reasonable price.

Be careful of buying bulk candy in party stores and the like. Work with a chocolate shop to ensure a high-quality product. Sour, outdated or chalky chocolate gold coins won’t leave any sweet memories. Choose a vendor known for tempting, tasty delights, and the design features fall into place.

Whether you’re interested in celebrating, informing or just having fun, chocolate gold coins offer an affordable, memorable option not used by many people. This unique way of spreading the word will leave people talking. Chocolate helps you to say whatever you need and leave your audience with a smile.

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