Chocolate Photo Makes Great Memories for Weddings

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping

You may remember the first time you saw a birthday cake at a party that had someone’s photo printed on it. That is actually how they do a lot of birthday cakes these days, even the ones that are themes like a television character or a special design. But even though these are relatively common and becoming a bit passé, there is a more original and enjoyable use for the technology. The chocolate photo is the newest reincarnation of this process and is quickly becoming the favorite at weddings of celebrities and the common people alike. It is not just your basic piece of chocolate. A chocolate photo comes in different styles and designs than just a flat piece of milk chocolate or chocolate bar. Truffles come in all shapes and sizes. It is possible to put a customizable phrase on each one, such as “John and Jane’s Wedding” or something more inspirational like “Love is Happiness.” Some of the more clever ones look like business cards and can be put into party favor bags and discovered with delight by your guests. Of course, as the name chocolate photo suggests, it is not just phrases. You can have a photo of yourself and your significant other embossed on the surface of a number of chocolate delights. Chocolate lollipops come in a variety of shapes and add an extra level of cute that brides love. Imagine a collection of heart shaped chocolate photos of you and your beloved in a basket for all of your guests to take, enjoying the chocolate and the charming photo of the two of you. Or you can choose to get a photo of the two of you and your favorite romantic song lyrics on a round chocolate imitation of a compact disk inside its very own CD case. These are super cute and very original and will make everyone smile. There are also a selection of shapes and cases especially designed as party favors with bows to make them really catch the eye. You can even get a jumbo sized chocolate photo just for you and your wedding party with a little thank you note or just a photo of the group. If you are searching for a fun way to add that sparkle and originality to your wedding, a chocolate photo is the way to go. Not to mention it is a tasty treat that everyone will enjoy.

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