Ashwagandha is a supplement that many people do not know about and translates to meaning “odor of a horse”. It is also known as the Indian winter cherry, Indian ginseng, and Samm Al Ferakh. It can be hard to buy Ashwagandha if you do not know where to look for them.
Ashwagandha is one of the best herbs in Ayurveda. It treats many diseases, especially those relating to the mind. This herb greatly helps and relieves various health problems mainly related to Vata dosha.

Five Important Properties of Ashwagandha
One of the most important properties of Ashwagandha is it is an adaptogenic. It aids in improving resistance of our body to various diseases and infections that damage our body’s homeostasis.
The second important property is that it is an antioxidant. Ashwagandha has also been found to be successful in alleviating pain and inflammatory illness that may happen as a result of some mishap or harm.

The third important property is that Ashwagandha possesses the qualities that are extremely valuable in curbing the development of cancer cells in the human body. It acts firmly in cancer cells, thereby inhibiting the spread of cancer and helping our body to confront the cancer by supporting the development of white and red blood cells.

The fourth important property is that it helps in nerve weaknesses by fortifying the nervous system. This is going to help with problems like spasms and pain.
The fifth important property is that it helps in total colon cleansing, which in turn helps in reducing many related health problems.

Other Benefits

Recently, Ashwagandha has shown astonishing results in curing problems related to our circulatory system. It has a great number of characteristics that are exceptionally useful in preventing diseases, for example, myocardial necrosis and high blood pressure. It acts as cardio-protective antioxidant and is slowly gaining popularity.

Ashwagandha has anti-stress properties, as well. It helps in keeping away negative energies from the mind, thereby keeping the mind in a relaxed, stress-free state. In the process, it also greatly helps in strengthening our memory power. Its regular use helps in treating patients with mental disorders. It can be taken in two forms: tablet and powder. It depends on where you buy Ashwagandha whether it comes in powder or tablet form.