3 Facts That You Should Know About Tooth Bridges

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Dental

You have a missing tooth or two and the dentist recommends a tooth bridge in Philadelphia. If you’re like the typical patient, you want to know more about bridges before making a decision. Here are three facts that will help you make the right choice.

There’s More Than One Bridge Design
There are several different types of bridges. Some of them are fixed or permanent. Others can be removed for cleaning. There are designed that anchor the bridge to teeth on each side of the gap. If your missing tooth is at the back of the mouth, there are bridge designs that will anchor to a single tooth. Your dentist can help you explore different designs and identify the ones that will work for you. Bridges Last

Longer Than Most People Think
You may be surprised to learn that a tooth bridge in Philadelphia can last for as long as two decades. A lot depends on your dental hygiene habits and the integrity of the teeth that hold the bridge in position. Your dentist will help you understand how long your particular type of bridge is likely to last, and what you can do to get the most from it.

Bridges Are Tinted to Match the Surrounding Teeth
Your tooth bridge in Philadelphia will not stand out from the rest of your teeth. It’s possible to tint the bridge so it blends in with all the rest. That’s great since it makes your smile uniform. No one has to know you’re wearing a bridge unless you choose to tell them.

Do you have other questions about bridges? Ask anything that comes to mind, and your dentist will be happy to provide answers. Once the bridge is in place and you get used to it, forgetting that you have one will be easy.

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