Deer hunting has been a pastime for many people over generations using weapons such as the bow and arrow to modern .308 bolt action rifles. Modern deer hunters prefer high-powered weapons because it is easier to take out prey in one clean shot.

1. Weatherby Vanguard Series 2

The Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 is the preferred choice when it comes to big game bolt action rifle hunting. Combining accuracy and power with the aesthetic of a traditional rifle all for a good price, this rifle provides it all.

While the most frequent caliber for this weapon is .308, there are other options available. Weighing around 7.5 lbs and priced at only $799, this rifle is the best all-around bolt action rifle on the market.

2. Ambush 300 Blackout

The Ambush 300 Blackout is a semi-automatic hunting rifle designed to make sure that any deer hit is out for the count and cannot keep running.
This rifle uses .30 caliber bullets and will stop anything within 200 yards from continuing to move. On the off chance your prey can still run, or you hit a non-vital spot, the semi-automatic nature of this gun allows for quick second chances.

Another special feature of the Ambush 300 Blackout is that it allows for muzzle attachments such as suppressors in case you want to make less noise or lessen muzzle blast.

Weighing at just under 7 lbs and costing $1,799, this weapon certainly is not cheap, but for experienced hunters who want guaranteed results, it is a great option.

3. Remington 700 Long Range

Remington rifles will always have a place on a deer hunter’s list because of their reliability.

For over 200 years, Remington has made reliable firearms for the people of America, and production has not stopped yet. The Remington 700 Long Range rifle is the latest of a series of .30-06 rifles that date back to the Springfield rifle adopted by the American military in 1906.

While being reliable, this rifle does have one major issue; its recoil. Even seasoned hunters have issues with the recoil of this weapon as it stands over 20 foot-pounds of energy.

Despite this issue, hunters still love this weapon for its ability to drop any game in America with ease.

Weighing a massive 9 lbs and costing $729, this rifle is by no means light, but makes up for it by being a name brand that can be trusted.

4. Savage MSR 10 Hunter

The Savage MSR 10 Hunter is another semi-automatic hunting rifle coming in as less powerful than the Blackout but just as reliable if not more.
While it is on the heavier side at 7.8 lbs when chambering .308 rounds, the Hunter has a short barrel, making it easily maneuverable.

Just because it does not pack as much of a punch as the Blackout does not mean it is not high-powered. This rifle sacrifices a small amount of that power for less recoil and more precision.

Costing roughly $1,481, this semi-automatic hunting rifle is relatively inexpensive for the utility it provides and would make any hunter’s life easier thanks to its precision and power.

Precision and Power

Precision and power, two of the most important aspects of any hunting rifle. Modern arms companies seek to maximize these two characteristics within their rifles to provide hunters with the best chance of success at taking out their prey.

While a weapon like the Weatherby Vanguard might be easier to control, something like the Remington 700 Long Range packs a more powerful hit. It all comes down to user preference.

Whether you want precision or power, all the weapons listed here will prove reliable in the field for taking out deer.