Choosing Between A 2-Position, 3-Position, and Infinite Position Lift Chair

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Medical Equipment

All types of lift chairs are designed to move the user from a sitting position to a standing position easily. The term position, in this case, does not mean that the chair can only be used in a specific number of positions. The reclining of the chair can be stopped at any point by simply releasing the recline control button. The variance between a 2 or 3 position lift chair and an infinite position lift chair has to do with the position of the footrest and the recline mechanism.

The 2-Position Lift Chair

A 2-position lift chair relines just a few inches. As the chair reclines, it slides back to extend into a more stretched-out position. This is the position you would normally be comfortable sitting in to watch television.

The majority of 2-position lift chairs feature a gap between the footrest and the chair. A single motor operates both the footrest and the back recline, and a single toggle switch controls everything.

The 3-Position Lift Chair

A 3-position lift chair reclines somewhat more similar to a normal recliner. Actually, it reclines a little further back than most normal recliners. When the back reclines, the footrest rises. The chair can stop in any position. Most chairs in this style do not have a gap between the seat and the footrest.

A single motor operates the footrest, and the reclining feature and a single toggle switch control everything. Some heavy-duty models feature double or triple motors for added lifting power.

The Infinite Position Lift Chair

An infinite position lift chair has the ability to recline all the way back to a position that is parallel to the floor. In addition, the footrest can move to raise the feet above the heart or into a zero-gravity position. In the infinite position lift chair, the body is put in a relaxing position.

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