You Typically Don’t Need Special Cleaners to Care for Ceramic Tile

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Tiles

Tile flooring, walls, and countertops are easy to clean with ordinary household cleaners. But sometimes, a special tile cleaner might be necessary. For example, cleaning a build-up of soap scum and hard water stains from a tiled shower could require a special cleaner. Removing mold and mildew from grout could also require a special tile cleaner. You may also need a special product to remove rust stains.

But, daily, a glazed tile floor simply needs to be swept and mopped with an ordinary, non-acidic household cleaner. The same is true of a tile countertop and backsplash. Glazed tile is waterproof, non-permeable, and stain-resistant, making cleaning easy.

However, avoid using steel wool or a wire brush when cleaning glazed tile. This can scratch the surface, allowing moisture to seep in. Over time, this can cause your tile to crack.

Quarry tile is unglazed. As a result, can develop embedded grime if it’s in an area where it can collect grease, such as a kitchen. To clean grime from quarry tile, use a soft bristle brush and a degreasing cleaner. Then, rinse with clean water.

Unlike ceramic and porcelain tiles, tile grout can become dirty and discolored. Grout can be scrubbed clean with a stiff-bristle brush and grout cleaner. Once the grout is clean and dry, seal it with a grout sealer.

With regular cleaning, you won’t need a special tile cleaner for your tiled floors, walls, or countertops. For the most part, porcelain and ceramic tile are very easy to care for.

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