Top Tips to Prepare for a Residential Concrete Patio Install

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Concrete Contractor

Patio spaces enhance outdoor areas for entertaining or relaxing. While the finished product is beautiful and adds value to the home, getting to that point takes some work. While the concrete contractor does the bulk of the work, there are some things that homeowners need to do to prepare for concrete patio install in Minnesota.

Prepare the Space for the Installers

Before patio installation begins, make sure to clean up around the home’s exterior where the patio is being installed. Allow for plenty of space for the installers to work. Outdoor tools, toys, and any landscaping in the way should be removed.

Is the current patio being replaced? If so, clear any furniture or items from the space. Not only does this help the installers, but it protects personal items from accidentally being damaged.

Keep an Eye on Pets

Animals make it harder for the pros to do their jobs. The last thing they need is to work around curious cats and dogs. Homeowners should keep their pets away from the area.

The same suggestion goes for children too. Keep the kids inside while the installation is taking place to keep everyone protected.

Stay Close to Home

Although the installation is taking place outside, that doesn’t mean homeowners aren’t needed. There could be questions that arise during the install that need approval. Make sure an adult with decision-making powers for the project is always around.

For more preparation tips, homeowners planning a concrete patio install in Minnesota should speak with the contractors performing the job.

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