Compelling Reasons to Use Radiant In-Floor Heating in Your Building

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Tiles

As the owner of an expansive commercial building, you are responsible for ensuring its safety and comfort throughout the year. Along with installing and using a powerful air conditioner to use during the summer, you also need to take steps to provide enough heat during the winter.

Instead of relying on outdated methods like floorboards or wall furnaces, you can use a system that disperses heat better. You can benefit from installing a system like radiant in-floor heating throughout your building.

Minimizing Drafts

Draftiness can make your building cold and uncomfortable during the winter. The wind that comes in from the doors and windows can lower the internal temperature and make your building less than energy efficient.

However, when you use a system that disperses heat through the floor, you can compensate for drafts around the doors and windows. It can make your building warmer even when the wind comes in and blow throughout the place.

Energy Efficiency

This system can also be more energy-efficient than outdated furnaces and wood-burning fireplaces. Because the heat is dispersed better, you may not have to use as much power to keep the building warm. You in turn save money on your energy bill and make less of a carbon footprint for your business.

Radiant in-floor heating offers a number of benefits. It compensates for draftiness that can lower the temperature. It also can be more energy efficient for your business to invest.

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