Why You Should Consider Community Design and Layout for Senior Living

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Assisted Living

Careful consideration should be given to every detail in seeking the perfect senior living center for your family member. The layout and design of the buildings, property, and living areas determine both the level of comfort and safety of every resident. Being choosy is a prudent way of protecting your family member from unintentional harm or diminished quality of life.

Safe Traveling Distances for Dining And Activities

You want the layout of a senior living center for your loved one to have easy access and close proximity to vital services so they can enjoy their daily activities without worry. Whether it’s heading out to get a meal, or spending quality socialization time, you don’t want to have concerns that they are having to walk long distances. Choosing a center which allows residents to enjoy moving around safely will give you peace of mind.

Comfortable And Practical Furnishings

Senior living furnishings should be comfortable and make the environment feel like home. Chairs should be fully supportive and comfortable. Hallways and rooms should be well-lit and nicely decorated. Beds should offer the comfort and customized protective features your loved one needs for safe and sound sleep. Outdoor entertainment space should offer shaded spots to sit and enjoy the fresh air.

Non-Slip Showers And 24-Hour Pull-Cord for Assistance

One of the more dangerous areas of a home can be the bathroom. Never settle for a bathroom environment that fails to offer your loved one sturdy hand grips, walk-in showers, and non-skid floors. A 24-hour pull-cord system to get emergency assistance is also another essential you should never settle on doing without. Choose a centre for elderly care in Winter Park, FL that you can trust to offer the best environment and care possible.

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