Tips For Pennsylvania Startup Companies Looking For Metal Heat Treating Companies

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Heat Treatment

One of the many challenges for startup OEMs in Pennsylvania is finding companies to part with for specialized services. Heat treatment of parts and components is an excellent example of a process that is more cost-effective to outsource than to try to complete in-house.

For a startup company, the ability to determine the best metal heat treating companies is a critical factor. While many startups focus on the price per unit for heat treatments, there are several other factors that are equally, if not more important. Working with top heat treating companies ensures quality control throughout the process and heat treatments that meet or exceed customer and industry standards.

Availability of Heat Treatment Processes

Most local metal heat treating companies offer a limited number of heat treating processes. Limited options in choosing one process over another can result in the OEM having to choose between the best process and the options available by the company.

The ideal situation is a large heat treating company that offers multiple processes that can be customized to meet the needs of the parts for the OEM. This also provides options to meet the production budget by the OEM and having all parts and components handled by one heat treating service.

Capacity and Scalability

An essential question to ask before working with any Pennsylvania heat treating company is the ability to scale up production. Most startup OEMs have limited initial production, but as markets increase the need to quickly ramp up to higher volume orders often becomes a crucial factor.

In selecting metal heat treating companies that offer significant capacity and ability to scale up production to meet the needs of the OEM, there is never the need to change companies or to split orders over multiple providers. This ensures consistent quality, pricing, and develops a good working relationship between the OEM and the heat treating company.

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