Choosing The Best Metal Fabrication Shops

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Metal Fabricators

There is a range of different types of services offered at different fabrication shops around the country. When it comes to metal fabrication, working with the best shops in the area helps to keep the costs of fabrication low and allow an OEM to work with one shop to complete all of their welding, machining, finishing and assembly needs.

The best metal fabrication shops operate as true contract manufacturers. This means they work to the order requirements of their customers. The best shops specialize in working with specific industries and sizes of OEMs to deliver quality parts and components to exacting standards. Familiarity with different industry standards is a definite asset to consider and ensures that the work is done to meet requirements for sales both in the United States as well as internationally.

Quality Control Systems

Not all metal fabrication shops are geared to quality control. Most strive to develop and provide quality parts and components, but verifying ISO 9001 certification of the shop ensures that this is an ongoing focus for the company.

Typically, shops with this type of certification, as well as a solid reputation with current and past customers, are shops that take pride in providing the best quality of parts and components. They also tend to focus on full capacity and capability in all aspects of fabrication, becoming a one-stop-shop for their customers.

Range of Services

While an OEM may initially seek out metal fabrication shops for one specific type of fabrication, finishing, assembly or welding requirement, taking a close look at all the services the shop offers has advantages.

Moving current production or fabrication from multiple shops or contract manufacturers to one centralized company makes logistic and economic sense. Decreasing the complexity of the supply chain and streamlining the production process is always a positive change for an OEM, particularly when partnering with a fabrication shop with a focus on customer service, quality control and meeting or exceeding production expectations.

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