Why You Might Want to Consider a Social Security Disability Attorney MA

by | Mar 19, 2013 | law-and-politics

The Social Security laws are very complex to understand, and this is one of the many issues that applicants deal with when trying to apply for disability. If you are a first time applicant you are likely very confused by the difficult process for filing your claim. For many applicants this can become frustrating causing them to go without the help that they need. When applicants make the mistake of representing themselves, the outcome is usually never in their favor. This is why it might be wise for you to at least consult with a social security disability attorney MA area.

You want to hire an attorney that is well known for both their educational background and extensive training in the field of social security law. Hiring a knowledgeable social security disability attorney MA area typically increases your chances of winning your claim. Having an attorney on your side in these matters lets the Social Security Administration know that you mean business. Since going to court would mean more fees and wasted time, they SSA will likely try and approve your claim to avoid the drama that could ensue.

The great news about a social security disability attorney MA area is that many of them work based on a contingency fee. For those who don’t know this means that they will only be paid for their services if you win your case. This is ideal since you are unable to work anymore, and it also ensures that your attorney will fight to make sure that you do win your case. Therefore you should not be discouraged from hiring a lawyer based on what they might charge you.

Most people think that you should only hire a social security disability attorney MA area if you have been denied your claim. While this is when you would definitely need to hire them, having them involved in the process from the beginning may be your ticket to not being denied in the first place. Your attorney is knowledgeable in social security law and therefore can help you discern the information that you need and qualifications you must pass in order to receive the benefits.

If you’re still not convinced that you should hire a social security disability attorney MA area you should really consider the facts. Social security applicants get their claims turned down so much that it is believed that everyone will have their claim denied at least once. While the truth is that about 70% of all applications are denied that is still a very high percentage. If you would like to prevent going through the entire appeal process and stress having a lawyer from the beginning is the best choice.

Seeing what a social security disability attorney can do for you should make you want to hire one today. You don’t want to waste time in trying to represent yourself or else you could dig yourself into a hole that you cannot get out of. A well trained professional will have the skills, knowledge, and ability to get you the benefits you need.

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