The main reason you must post bail for the release of an accused person is to make sure they will appear in court throughout their trial. This however does not mean the accused cannot fail to turn up for trial. If this happens; a series of other things are likely to follow. The first will be a notice from the courts to the Bail Bonds Dallas TX Company and any other persons that posted bail for the accused.

The notice is to tell the Bailbonds Dallas TX company that the accused person did not come to court as needed. It will also state the period given to produce him or her before the money posted as bail will be lost. If the bond was in form of property, the bail bonds company will also get notice on the date when the court may decide to sell the said property to recover the value of the bail amount.

Once this notice is given, the Bail Bonds Dallas TX company has a chance to find the fugitive within the time given. If they are unable to produce the person within this time, the court will have to sell the property to get the amount demanded as bail. As for the bondsman, the only chance they have to recover their property is through the cosigner who is the relative or friend who signed an agreement with them on behalf of the accused person.

The cosigner is the person who signed for the bond on behalf of the accused at the Bail Bond Dallas TX offices. It is worth noting that the period allowed to look for a fugitive varies from state to another. Some states give three months while some may give as long as one year before the property or the money paid as bail can be forfeited.

If the cosigner who is expected to be a close friend or relative of the accused person is unable to produce him or her within the given time, they will lose the money they paid as bail or the property they attached as security for the release of the accused person. If the accused person is apprehended afterwards, they will have a more difficult time applying for bail because of the bad record.