There are a lot of people that make their own bullets, which is both a traditional way to make ammunition as well as a true art and science. As lead is more difficult to find today than in the past, there are a limited number of places to find quality bullet lead for sale.

Understanding what to look for in quality bullet lead for sale, and what to avoid in cheap lead that maybe be sold online as bullet lead, is an essential skill to learn. Unfortunately, many people try to get by with cheap lead and find out quickly that this can be a very costly lesson.

Buying from Local Sellers

In many areas, local sellers offer what is marketed as bullet lead. This is often made from melted down wheel weights that have been collected from local garages. They may also salvage bullets found at local firing ranges and recycle those with the wheel weights. They may also gather lead from scrap yards, which may be any type of lead and alloy combination.

The problem with these types of ingots or bars is that they are very likely to contain zinc. There may be other metals and alloys as well, all which may be impossible to detect by merely looking at the lead in the ingot or bar form.

Any type of contaminant in the bullet lead can create fouling in the gun. This can become dangerous over time at worst, and at best it requires constant cleaning of the firearm.

Buy From a Reputable Company

When buying bullet lead for sale from a reputable lead manufacturer, there is never a concern about the specifics of the bullet lead. You can order by alloy, with the manufacturer offering standard alloys in different bar options for your usage requirements.