You may feel confident you have the most comprehensive home insurance policy there is, but is everything covered? Take the time to sit and read through your current policy and make sure it covers everything you need it to, or find out how to expand the coverage to what you need. It’s worth finding out now before you take a huge financial loss.

Does the Policy Cover Personal Belongings?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy can include coverage for your personal property and belongings, but it is not something that’s automatically placed on the policy. You have to have this coverage added as schedules. You’ll have to submit proof of the value and so forth in order to have items covered. The same limitations are in effect for the personal items as the policy in general follows. Make sure you have the home insurance in Nocatee, Fl, residents trust to get the best rates and coverage.

Will Water Damage Be Covered?

Water damage and flood damage is not covered by standard home insurance. You’ll have to purchase separate flood insurance at an additional cost. It’s good to have in Florida since the land is so close to sea level, which makes flooding and water damage a real likelihood. The costs of mold remediation alone can run into thousands of dollars. Make sure you have the right coverage.

Does a Homeowner Policy Cover Rental Property?

A standard home insurance policy only covers the owners as the primary residents of the place. If you plan to purchase other homes and rent them out, ask about a policy that will cover rental homes. You can get the home insurance in Nocatee, Fl, real estate investors count on to keep the coverage necessary on their rental properties. You want to make sure that all of your property investments are financially protected.