You make sure your car’s oil gets changed when needed. You probably replace the windshield wipers each year and check the tires at least once a month. Yet, you cannot see the air filters and neglecting this simple, and easy maintenance task can cause you trouble down the road. Here are some important reasons you should talk to your car care service in Oklahoma City about new air filters in your car.

What Are Air Filters?

Your car burns gasoline and air. In fact, it needs the right mixture of gas to air for maximum efficiency. If the air is not filtered, dirt, sediment, and wide range of debris can make itself into your engine’s combustion chamber. This causes premature wear and tear and can result in some expensive repairs from your car care service in Oklahoma City. Most modern cars have air filters for the engine and cabin filters for the heating and cooling system.

Cost-effective and simple

New air filters are not expensive. You may be able to buy both cabin and air filters for an affordable cost. Of course, your car care service in Oklahoma City can replace these filters when you do an oil change or tire rotation. It only takes a few minutes for replacement.

Gas Mileage

A dirty air filter causes your engine to burn a “too rich” mixture. This lowers gas mileage. It also lowers engine efficiency. A clean filter may improve your mileage by as much as ten percent.

Other Issues

Your spark plugs may become fouled if your engine burns a rich fuel mixture. The engine may run rough and sometimes stall. You may notice black smoke coming from the exhaust. You may avoid these problems when you change the filters at the manufactures recommended intervals.