A prestigious and well-known school of art located in upbeat Chicago offers students many unique learning opportunities not available anywhere else. As a graduate student, you will have the best instructors, professional career mentors and opportunities for career building activities and classes better able to prepare today’s art students to survive in the real world. This respected art institute is revered for its innovative graduate arts programs that offer incredible opportunities to understand other elements and careers that often cross with various art professions. Take classes in photography, print media, sound, performance and sculpture among many others.

This popular arts school has consistently been named a top arts institute. This will quickly be clear to new students as they fully realize the richness of their planned graduate arts programs. Students get to feel the support and inspiration from the local downtown neighborhood in Chicago where artists and like-minded individuals tend to congregate and work. The school sets up challenging mentor programs with many of these engaging and talented local artists of every style and description. Students also have the added benefit of close proximity and access to the renowned Art Institute of Museum and other wold-class art-related resources.

Famous graduates of the school include Elizabeth Murray, Georgia O’Keefe, Nick Cave and Jeff Koons among many others. Enroll in one of the challenging graduate arts programs at this fine art school strategically located in the very center of this pulsating city’s energetic art community. Always on the cutting-edge of new ideas and educational methods, this school has been proud to train some of the very best designers, artists and other influential scholarly persons. Dare to be the true artist that you were always meant to be. Contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at www.saic.edu for more exciting details.