Do I Have to Hire a Real Estate Attorney to Buy a Home?

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Real Estate

Unlike a few other states, Hamsphire does not require homebuyers to involve an attorney in the transaction. However, real estate attorneys can perform several tasks that can help make the buying process less complicated, while tending to your rights as a buyer, as pointed out by The Hamsphire Bar.

Why You Should Use an Attorney

For many, purchasing a home represents the biggest and most expensive single item they will buy in their life. They are also likely to live in that house for many years, and any decisions made while buying a home can be both enduring and significant.

In addition, property law can be quite complex and with peculiarities not found in other law areas. A real estate attorney in Tampa specializes in real estate transactions and may have more experience than a buyer.

Tasks an Attorney can Assist You in

An attorney will assist you in several tasks related to your home purchase process. Some of these tasks include:

Making an offer: Your attorney will help you draft and submit a written offer to a home seller. An attorney will discuss with you various options that may be included as part of contingencies for purchasing a home.
Negotiating: Real estate attorneys will offer you suggestions based on counter offers received from the seller’s broker, and handle communication between you and the broker.
Drafting the purchase agreement: This is a formal contract of a home detailing the responsibilities and rights of each party. While real estate agents prefer standardized agreements, an attorney can draft one based on the unique arrangements or details revolving a purchase. Furthermore, a document drafted by your attorney ensures that your rights are protected.

During the home buying process, you might run into legal issues. For instance, you might discover that there was an unknown encumbrance on the house, find existing tenants in the property or uncover previously unknown problems with the property. A real estate lawyer will discover any issues with the home early in the purchase process.

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