Benefits of Installing Lift Gates on Your Commercial Trucks

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Automotive

Do you need to pick up cargo or deliver it to your customers? You could depend on a local delivery service, but if you use your own trucks, you can give your customers the prompt service they deserve. Whether you own box trucks or large heavy-duty trucks, you may want to check out Tommy Liftgate dealers in Fresno, CA. Their products have many benefits to offer.

What is a Lift Gate?

Lift gates are heavy duty elevators which fit on the end of truck beds. They can fold back or down, making it possible to lift and lower heavy loads. This is an important feature if your cargo is heavy or bulky.


Safety is perhaps the most important benefit you can receive from Tommy Liftgate dealers in Fresno, CA. If you are making a delivery to a residence, you can use either a ramp or a lift gate. Although ramps make it possible to load and unload your trucks, they can sometimes be dangerous. On unlevel ground, your workers may slip, fall, and injure themselves. Loads can fall from ramps, causing injury to your employees along with lost time injury expenses.

Fewer Damage Claims

A liftgate is the most secure way to remove or load items from trucks. They are strong and sturdy and operate slowly. You do not have to worry about materials getting bounced around or damaged. This can help you avoid damage complaints and keep your customers happy.

Increase Efficiency

With products from your Tommy Liftgate dealers in Fresno, CA you can enjoy a more efficient business. For instance, you can deliver or pick up products almost anywhere because you do not have to back into a dock. Also, lift gates make loading faster and easier, and you can get your deliveries taken care of with fewer problems.

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