Which Spa Chemicals Do You Need for Your Hot Tub?

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Shopping

Most people are aware they need to use specific chemicals if they have a pool. However, some people don’t realize they also need spa chemicals if they have a hot tub. Despite the high temperatures in the water of a hot tub, there are certain chemicals that are needed to ensure the safety of your hot tub. It is important to understand exactly which chemicals you need to ensure your hot tub works as it should.

Spa Shock

Because you spend a lot of time just soaking in a hot tub, dead organic matter, such as skin cells, sunscreen lotion, other lotions and cosmetics, can float free of your body and end up in the water in your hot tub. If you don’t use a spa shock to get rid of this matter, you can end up with buildup and other problems in the water that are more difficult to deal with. Use this product first about once a week to ensure your water stays clean and clear.

Test Strips

To determine which spa chemicals you will need to add to your hot tub to keep the water safe for use. The pH level of the water can tell you a lot about what is going on in your hot tub. You will compare the results on the strip with the results on the bottle to determine all the various levels, such as calcium, mineral content and more. You can then add the appropriate chemicals to bring these levels to the appropriate numbers.

Spa Sanitizer

You need to make sure the water in your hot tub remains as clean as possible. With the use of spa sanitizer, typically chlorine, you will kill any bacteria that are growing in the water so it is safe to spend time in your hot tub. Talk to spa professionals to determine which chemical would be best for your spa sanitizer to ensure your hot tub is safe for everyone. Making sure your hot tub is safe and clean will ensure everyone can have a good time in it. To do this, you will need to use a variety of spa chemicals, just like you would in a pool setting. These chemicals can include spa shock and spa sanitizer, such as chlorine. In addition, you will need to make use of pH test strips to ensure all the levels in your hot tub are within normal ranges. If not, you will need to add even more chemicals to the water.

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