Beauty pageants or beauty contests are competitions or programs meant for adults, teens, and children. Beauty pageants are competition and performances that are wildly popular cultural events world-wide.. There are baby beauty pageants, teen beauty pageants and adult beauty pageants. These competitions are primarily on the physical or outer beauty of its contestants along with the contestants.. A beauty pageant does not only focus on physical appearance of the contestants but also on the overall personality, talent, confidence, emotional, social, analytical and mental skills. Most of the beauty pageants also have a question and answers session as one of the judged criteria. Sometimes there are many prizes for the winner.

Most times there are separate beauty pageants for men and women held as separate events. Some of the most common beauty pageants for women are Miss Universe, Miss World, and the winners of which are called beauty queens. These beauty pageants usually occur once a year, and are usually live on stage. On the other hand, beauty contests for men, are more like a personality contest or a “body building” contest like Mr. Universe, Mr. World or Manhunt International that judge the natural physical attributes of the contestants as well as their physiques. These include Mr. World and Manhunt International. Some of the celebrity magazines and a host of retailers of everything from tiaras to cosmetic surgery, sponsor and support the organizing of many local and regional beauty pageants for all ages for promotion and profit.

Baby beauty pageants are judged on the basis of cute or just comical expressions of the baby, their eyes, nose, rosy cheeks which are then displayed for votes and for the review of judges. These kinds of pageants are usually supported or sponsored baby food or baby clothing businesses. On the other hand a teen beauty pageant is held for both, boys and girls who are generally  hip, cool, natural looking, have great grades, or even great skin, a valuable hobby or care for the environment. Sometimes, scholarships, money, cars, and prizes are given away for those involved in teen beauty pageants.

There are many different types of beauty pageants held every year, including, muscle builder’s pageants, bikini contests, photogenic pageants. These title holders, are chosen on many criteria like whether they cute, beautiful, funny, comical, daring, outrageous and so on. There are on-line beauty pageants too, wherein a winner is selected on a monthly or even weekly basis.