When You Require Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

People who find themselves arrested and taken to the police station know that they will spend the night in jail unless they can make other arrangements with the judge. The judge will set bail at the arraignment and if the arrested person cannot afford the bail, the next option is to call a bail bonds agency. There are Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma who will make arrangements for defendants who find themselves in jail and unable to afford the bail. Here are what defendants should know about the bail bonds process.

What to Know about Bail Bonds Services

When a bail bonds agency gets involved in getting a defendant released, the defendant will have to pay the agency a fee of 10 percent, or 15 percent if there is a felony charge. In addition to this fee, the defendant or someone who can help the defendant will have to put up collateral. This collateral could be in the form of a car, a house, a boat, or expensive jewelry. If the defendant decides to skip bail, this collateral is like an insurance to cover the bail bonds agency’s loss.

More about Bail Bonds Agencies

As long as defendants show up for all of the court proceedings concerning their case, the collateral is protected and will be returned to the owner of the collateral at the end of the hearing. It doesn’t matter if the defendant is found innocent or guilty, the collateral will be safe and returned at the conclusion of everything. The problems come when the defendant fails to show up for the hearings, and the collateral will be placed on lien or foreclosed until the bail bonds agency can get its money.

A Bail Bonds Agency for Help

Wherever there are jail cells, there will be bail bonds agencies nearby to assist defendants who need bail money. A Absolute Bail Bonds is an agency that provides various bail services for defendants and others who need the services. If a person is in need of Bail Bond Services in Oklahoma, the agency is available. More information is found on Facebook.

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