Avoid Jail Time: Get Quick, Easy Bail Bonds for Jefferson County Warrants

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Bail Bonds Service

When someone has open Jefferson County warrants, it’s crucial to arrange for a bail bond before the arrest, at the time of arrest, or soon after arrest. Bail bonds are easier to get than most people think. Plus, bail bonds let defendants go free until they must appear in court.

Which Bail Bond for Which Case?

The type of case doesn’t matter, whether it’s theft, assault, or multiple moving violations. Bail bonds can be applied to misdemeanor and felony cases. With misdemeanors, the bail amount sometimes appears on a schedule posted at the sheriff’s office or the county jail.

With felony cases, the judge imposes bail during arraignment or a bail hearing. Arraignments and bail hearings happen within 12 hours to one week of arrest and booking. It’s critical to get a bail bond ASAP to secure release from jail quickly.

Cost & Payment

Bail bonds cost about 10 to 15% of an entire court-imposed bail. This cost is a premium, a bond agent’s nonrefundable fee. Bond agents accept different forms of payment, but all accept upfront cash.

Some bond agents also accept credit cards, checks, and money orders. There are instances in which bond agents accept payment via wire transfer or Western Union. Collateral is another possibility.

Collateral is an object of value that one can use as legal tender. Viable forms vary between agents, but common forms include boats, cars with titles, jewelry, electronics, and guns.

To secure bail bonds for Jefferson County warrants, contact Al Reed Bail Bonds, an efficient, trusted bail bondsman offering 24/7 bail bonds for all types of cases.

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