5 Benefits Of Wood Flooring Refinishing In NYC

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors are some of the most popular options available today. Wood floors are beautiful and very durable. Despite how durable these floors are, they can start to look worn or become scratched over time. If a homeowner’s hardwood floors have lost their luster, the owners should have the floors refinished. There are a few benefits of Wood Flooring Refinishing in NYC.

A Gorgeous Floor

The main benefit of wood floor refinishing is that the floors will look gorgeous again. A professional can remove scratches, dents, and any rough surfaces on the floor that have a negative impact on its appearance. Having the floors refinished will make them look new again.


Replacing scratched, damaged hardwood floors cost significantly more than having the floors refinished. Refinishing the floors will restore their natural beauty at a fraction of the cost.

Increases Safety

Damaged wood floors don’t just look bad, they also create a safety hazard. If the floors are splintering, it can result in a serious foot injury. When the floors are refinished, any safety hazards will be repaired.

Improve the Value Of the Home

If the homeowner is planning to put their home on the market, they should have the floors refinished first. Many buyers are looking for turn-key homes that require no work. When potential buyers see shiny, beautiful hardwood floors in the house, they will be more likely to put in an offer. Also, refinishing the floors will allow the homeowner to increase the home’s price.

Keep the Pests Away

When a hardwood floor is damaged, it can cause craters and crevices on the floors. These areas of decay make great homes for termites, ants, and other pests. If the homeowner has the floors refinished, the craters and crevices will be sealed, keeping the pests away.

If a homeowner’s floors are damaged or dull, it’s time to contact a professional in Wood Flooring Refinishing NYC. Refinishing a floor can be complicated, so it should not be a DIY project. The professionals at New York Wood Flooring have the knowledge and experience to refinish the floors properly, bringing back their shine and luster. To schedule an appointment, call the experts today.

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