Ever wondered what they taught in performing arts schools in Illinois? Performing arts refers to when artists use their bodies to project artistic expression. Rather than creating an art object out of plastic or clay, in performing arts, it is created with the body in dance, movements of some other types or with voice. Therefore, in performing arts schools in Illinois students learn the art of combining speech and gesture, music and dance. Some of the potential branches of study include improvisational theatre, arthouse and pantomime.


You probably have sat in an auditorium and watched a play, musical, opera or ballet and never thought about the fact you were watching art. These shows qualify as performing art and are some of what they teach in performing arts schools in Illinois. Theatre tells a story similar to how a movie tells a story, but it tells it live with live actors on the stage. There is also the added aspect of a musical theatre, where there will be considerable singing and opera in the musical. The story line will be sung in musical scores, rather than spoken.


Dance is also taught in the performing arts schools in Illinois. Dance is often included in theatre, as well as singing. Dancing is always to music and may even be performed to live music. Dance is non-verbal communication done entirely with body movements.

Choreography is also taught in performing arts schools in Illinois. Choreography is the art of making dances and putting the dance to the musical stanzas. The choreographer will design a dance with various moves that are common to any particular style of dance. The different styles of dance include ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. Because of the various styles of dance, it shows that dance is determined by social and cultural influences. Different areas of the country have unique rhythms and music. From century to century and from country to country, dance styles have marked the society of that time.

Another area of dance is that of gymnastics and figure skating. Even martial arts are given a place in the dance arena. All of these specialties have to be learned move by move, which are specific to each. While some of these aren’t taught at Illinois performing arts schools, a performing arts education can help.