When you think of tutoring, you see the image of a fidgeting student sitting in front of a teacher after school, going over the homework assignment line by line, right? How about a different view of tutoring; imagine a high school student in front of his laptop, webcam on, with his guitar in his lap, going through chords. Or a 5th grader that is easily distracted by other students, often labeled the class clown, sitting in front of the computer with his headset on, fully focused on the assignment, and for the first time, actually understanding the basic principles of math? This is possible by getting a tutor online. Regardless if you’re an excellent student just looking to bump your SAT score up a few points but are already over scheduled or a parent with a struggling elementary school student, there are options for you in a tutor online. On the academic side you can get help in high school subjects like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, English, history, Spanish, French, and many more. There are elementary subjects like math, social studies, English, history, reading, and so on. Test prep for the SAT, AP tests, ACT, and many more are available. There are also options to get a tutor online for music lessons, such as guitar, piano, reading and writing music, and other musical pursuits. There are several very specialized tutors online as well so if you need a tutor, just look, and you may find what you need. Aside from the subjects that the online tutor teaches, there are also many methods. The most popular with many students is live one-on-one chatting. This is usually accomplished by a webcam and headset with microphone, typically over a VoIP connection where you are seeing and talking directly to your tutor online. There are also live or recorded webcasts or teleseminars, which are more like an online classroom setting, which may or may not offer the level of personalized help that is needed. You may have email homework help where you simply send your question in to your tutor and receive a response back by email. This, however, is slow and usually something your regular teacher already offers. Regardless of which method you choose, many of these services offer an online program that logs your child’s progress in a measurable, progress report style method. This keeps accountability that your child is indeed taking his or her studies seriously, and also allows you to keep track of how well your student is progressing to see if it is an effective tool or not.   To learn more about how to find the best tutor online for your child, visit GrowingStars.com.