Hints your Child Should Attend Gifted Preschool

by | Mar 19, 2013 | education

If your child is rebellious, independent, curious and talkative your child may possibly be a gifted high-ability learner! The traits of a high potential learner are exhibited in a number of ways. Very bright children are often talkative and have high linguistic skills and verbal precocity. The child is a perfectionist and might not finish a task unless he or she is satisfied with the results. The child might exhibit a wicked wit and mature sense of humor. A bright youngster loves to be challenged and gets bored and frustrated otherwise. He or she learns fast and analyzes abstract concepts and ideas easily. He or she is usually an avid reader and enjoys the company of older playmates. If your child demonstrates these characteristics, you should consider a psychologist testing him or her. A professional would usually recommend admitting your bright youngster to a gifted preschool.

A gifted youngster is constantly looking for stimulus to challenge his or her intellect. A normal public school curriculum would usually leave the child bored. A gifted preschool would provide better support and motivation. Materials that challenge and stimulate young bright minds are available at gifted programs rather than at regular school classrooms. Schools offering programs for high ability learners also provide early introduction to subjects like math and science and bilingualism in their accelerated curriculum. Even preschool children are exposed to math, science, visual and performing arts and a foreign language.

When choosing a gifted preschool, parents should be conscious that the US of the future will be more racially diverse than it is today. Your child should be ready to face global challenges from nations in the East. Keeping this in mind, you should select a gifted preschool that is coeducational and non-parochial. A racially diverse classroom with children from different ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures would better equip your child for the future. In this setting your child would develop the skills necessary to survive and flourish in a more ethnically diverse environment.

A gifted preschooler is often unruly and annoying. His or her curiosity and constant questioning can be irritating to teachers and fellow students at a public school. Such children are often bullied and face neglect and isolation from their peer group. To prevent your child from developing self esteem issues and facing unnecessary challenges at their learning environment, admit your intellectually advanced youngster to a gifted preschool.  Potomac residents can locate very well equipped preschools in the area that cater to high potential learners.


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