Dentists encourage patients to choose dental implants in Gurnee instead of partial or full dentures if they can afford it. Most dental insurance policies still don’t pay for the entire cost of implants, and some don’t cover any of it. Nevertheless, these devices have distinct advantages compared with the alternatives.

Functions Like a Natural Root

The main advantage of dental implants in Gurnee is they function like a natural tooth root. There is no risk of instability while vigorously chewing. Implant rods also stimulate the jawbone during chewing. In response, the bone produces new cells to replace old ones, thus preventing deterioration.

Currently, teeth roots and implant rods provide the only way to stimulate new jawbone cell production. The effect is similar to weight-bearing activity for bone cell production in the rest of the body. That’s one reason why people are encouraged to walk thousands of steps every day.

When implants fill a gap between teeth, the rods prevent those teeth from slowly drifting into the space. This is a potential problem with partial bridges.

Convenience and Comfort

Dental implants also are more convenient than other options. They can be cleaned without removing them. Although implants cannot develop cavities, routine brushing and flossing are still necessary for maintaining healthy gums.

People who wear dentures must keep the devices out of the mouth for hours every day to let the gum tissue rest. In addition, dentures sometimes cause discomfort.

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