Stickers and decals meant to go on motor vehicles tend to stick fast and stay there through all the changing weather and exposure to the elements over time. When it comes to getting these adhesive items off the glass, it can be a true challenge. Read on for some expert Chicago-based glass specialist tips for removing adhesive residue from your windshield. Drivers can also call on these glass professionals when they need auto glass replacement in Chicago and the surrounding area.

First, Dampen the Sticker or Decal with Water & Let it Sit Awhile

Many decals will come off with a bit of moisture and some gentle scrapes with a razor blade. If this does not work, you can attempt to remove the sticky glue with an alcohol-soaked paper towel. When the decal and adhesive backing begins to look crumbly and starts to fall apart, go over the area lightly with the razor.

Get Ahold of Some Non-Toxic Goo Gone Designed for Just This Purpose

Spray the Goo Gone onto the adhesive residue and let it sink in a bit. Use the razor to carefully scrape the mess off, or try some window glass cleaner on a paper towel, then rub away the leftover greasy substance.

WD-40 Will Also Work

Do keep in mind that WD-40 is toxic, but it will also work in the same manner.

Removing adhesive residue from your windshield is easy using these methods. Call Frank’s Auto Glass for auto glass replacement in Chicago.