Have you been designing and engineering a unique type of bolted joint that will help revolutionize the automotive industry as you know it? If you have, then you are likely attempting to create prototypes of your design, and require special equipment to test its durability and effectiveness. However, you lack the tools to do so, exposing your invention to risks of liability and failure.

How Turning to a Third-Party Testing Company Can Benefit You

Perhaps you have been searching online for these special types of testing equipment, but have found them to be expensive. You are now probably wondering how you can gain access to them without the high costs involved. The solution is turning to a third-party service provider. Why? Utilizing professional bolted joint analysis services can reduce your costs without sacrificing the quality of your invention. This means you will learn the true tensile and shear forces your bolted joint can withstand through the experience and capabilities that a service provider can offer.

In-House Lab or Client Location Services

Maybe you are convinced that utilizing these types of services will be advantageous. You are now wondering what to look for when searching for and choosing a service provider for help. Here’s a tip. You should consider choosing the service provider that offers in-house lab testing or client location services. Choosing this type of provider will allow you to gain access to convenient options as they can perform testing at your location, saving time, money, and effort.

ISO 17025

Another important thing to look for when searching for and choosing a third-party testing company that offers expert bolted joint analysis services is that they should be ISO 17025 certified. Choosing this type of company suggests that they will offer only the highest quality services possible and will understand your needs for integrity and excellence.